Circuit Room

The circuit room is based on 45 sec. interval training.   There are 15 different stations in total.  Simply follow the arrows going from machine to step-platform for a total body workout.  Each machine is designed to target a specific muscle group.  When you complete the entire circuit, you’ll have engaged a combination of upper and lower body exercises.  The result is a high paced, calorie burning, total body workout.


Benefits Of Circuit Training

Circuit training is a very convenient way to exercise.  The fast paced nature of this workout results in a shorter, more condensed workout.  While performing a circuit you’re combining muscle training with cardiovascular exercise.  This type of workout is perfect for those who may have limited time to workout.  In addition, it is very easy to customize your circuit workout.  While at the step-platform stations, you can customize the circuit by performing any exercise of your choice.  Dumbbells, swiss balls, and resistance bands can be integrated in your exercise routine.  All the stations have suggestions on the wall,  if you prefer a more structured type workout.